Boards Features

Easy to Cut and Work into Furniture:

“Altwood” boards can be cut, sawed, screwed, engraved and drilled with circular saws or conventional carpenters “aari”. They can also be nailed easily, due to this the boards can be used to design any type of furniture easily and in double quick time as compared to wood.

Tough inside and smooth outside:

“Altwood” boards are manufactured with virgin polymers compounded to high density, which makes the boards hard and sturdy. The surface of the boards is smooth and ready to use and this eliminates unnecessary wood working costs.

Termite and borer proof panel:

The boards are 100% Termite and Borer Proof due to which its life is manifold as compared to conventional plywood.

No Warping and Twisting:

The boards are engineered in a way that eliminates warping and twisting. This quality of “Altwood” boards makes it far superior to wood and also plywood both of which have a natural tendency to warp and twist in different weather conditions.

101% Water Proof:

“Altwood” boards are 100% Water Proof and this Quality of the boards makes them useful in all applications to the extent that they can even be used in swimming pools.

High Load bearing Strength

“Altwood” boards have high load bearing strength and this makes them perfect for display boards, furniture and other such applications.

Fire Retardant

“Altwood” boards are fire retardant, their property does not allow the fire to spread and they can be used with any concern in the kitchen and other such places.